…to the home of Deucalion Chronicles.

If you’re a new reader, you can start at the beginning with the first Deucalion Chronicles story, a prequel novelette about the Knight Luc Lachance.

Or, you can jump into whichever of the current stories catches your interest; you don’t need to read them in any particular order to understand them.

Knight Saga: The story of Luc Lachance, one of the Knights of Haras – elite warriors drawn from the nobility, whose incredible strength is fueled with the magic of an enslaved race.

Mage Saga: The story of Isaac, a slum-ruling gang leader with the potential to be the strongest mage in history.

Empire Saga: The story of three unlikely companions pursuing a collection of artifacts that could overturn the very Crossworld Union itself.

Blurred Minds (Preview): ‘Tag’ is Haras’ best mentalist – a psychic specializing in mental health treatments.¬† And in treating Lin Cameron, a mass murderer with ties to his own past, he might just lose everything.